Wynn Bullock: Photographer  DVD

Produced and directed by Thom Tyson in 1975, this documentary was originally released in 1976
as a 28-minute 16mm film. It was digitally reformatted in 2009, and we now offer it as a DVD.


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This is a unique opportunity to see and hear Wynn as he discusses his work, his techniques, and his philosophy.

The film was Awarded a FILMEX Cine Golden Eagle in 1980, and was distributed by the U.S. State Department and the International Communications Agency to American consulates and embassies worldwide.

In reviewing the film for ARTWEEK, photography critic Joan Murray wrote: "The film is a small masterpiece, for which all who loved Bullock and his work will be gratified. For generations to come, there exists an essence of the man and his work that can be shared with students, artists, film connoisseurs and a world of people who will be interested in the intimate glimpse of a unique creative personality."

Paul Dorahy, a viewer in Australia emailed this comment:
"There is a human need, it seems to me, to seek some sort
of contact with those we esteem.
Seeing Wynn Bullock and hearing him talk in the film allowed a kind of meeting with him that I value deeply."

Scenes of Wynn

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