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Two Photographers:
Wynn Bullock and Imogen Cunningham

Available in both Standard DVD and Blu-Ray

Originally produced by award-winning filmmaker Fred Padula in 1966, Two Photographers is a candid, revealing dialog between two unique artists and includes rare, historic footage of Wynn and Imogen making photographs in their chosen locations.

In addition to the beautifully re-mastered 30-minute film, there is a new 80-minute feature in which Judy Dater, Chris Johnson, and Fred reflect on the influences both Wynn and Imogen had on their own lives and work.

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Wynn Bullock: Photographer

Produced and directed by Thom Tyson in 1975, much of the footage for this documentary was shot during the last year of Wynn's life.

Originally released in a 16mm format, this historic film was digitally re-formatted in 2009 as a DVD and covers the entire span of Wynn's photographic career.

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