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Child in Forest, 1951

In 1971, Homestead Productions in Mill Valley, California, produced a large poster of Child in Forest, 1951.

Many years ago Wynn's family acquired the last remaining copies of the poster before Homestead Productions closed its business, and this long out-of-print vintage poster is now available for purchase. 

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Child in Forest is on the cover of the book Wynn Bullock:
The Enchanted Landscape, Photographs 1940-1975
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Wynn Bullock: Let There Be Light

Showcasing one of Wynn’s most iconic images, this handsome poster was created by Haddad’s Fine Arts, Inc. in 1975. 

The last remaining set of these collectible posters is now available through the Bullock family estate. 


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$75 plus shipping,
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Wynn Bullock: Photographing the Nude

This beautiful, large-format poster was produced in 1984 to accompany the publication of the book Wynn Bullock: Photographing the Nude.


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