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Color Light Abstraction Portfolios. Very limited series (exact number unknown), each with varied selection of images. No sales records found; most likely most were gifted or donated.


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The majority of mounted prints are signed "Wynn Bullock" in small, unobtrusive lettering. Most often the signature is in pencil, occasionally it is in ink. Unmounted prints are usually stamped on the back with identifying information and sometimes there is information in Wynn's handwriting. In the early years of his career as a photographer, Wynn also signed prints as "Percy W. Bullock", "P.W. Bullock", and "Wynne Bullock". By the early 1950s, he stopped using these versions of his name.

The copyright rights to all Wynn Bullock images are owned by Bullock Family Photography LLC. Proper credit language should include the artist's name, title of image, date of image, copyright sign, image date /current date, and the words "Bullock Family Photography LLC. All Rights Reserved." An example is given below:

Wynn Bullock, Child in Forest, 1951, &1951/2015, Bullock Family Photography LLC. All Rights Reserved.

All inquiries regarding Bullock photography should be addressed to Bullock Family Photography LLC, in care of Barbara Bullock-Wilson, P.O. Box 223518, Carmel, CA 93922-3518 or send us a message online via our Contact Page.

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