Two Photographers: Wynn Bullock and Imogen Cunningham

Although their personal histories, perspectives, and personalities were quite distinct, Wynn and Imogen shared a passion for image-making, and they enjoyed a long, mutually respectful friendship. Two Photographers highlights their unique journeys with warmth and affection by Fred Padula who knew each of them well and loved them both.

Three Photographers in Conversation is the title of the additional feature made especially for this new release. In it, renowned photographers Judy Dater and Chris Johnson join Fred in sharing moving reminiscences of their individual friendships with Wynn and Imogen and how those relationships made significant contributions to their own lives and work.

Bullock Family Photography and the Imogen Cunningham Trust are the exclusive distributors of this historic film that has been beautifully updated and expanded. We are the only source for the Blu-Ray edition.

"In two photographers, Fred Padula has revealed important aspects of my work and character with a perception I can only admire."
Wynn Bullock

"Padula zeros in on Imogen's twinkle and Wynn's seriousness. An incredibly good film for student photographers to see."
Nathan Lyons

"A personal and revealing document probing two different artistic philosophies. Two Photographers is an invaluable film in the classroom and everyone seriously interested in photography should see it." 
Jack Wellpott

"Thank you for making this wonderful film of my two dear friends."  
Ansel Adams

Wynn and Imogen (screenshot)

Second feature:

Judy Dater, Chris Johnson, and Fred Padula talk about their own work and memories of their friendship with Wynn Bullock and Imogen Cunningham, and how these two great photographers influenced them.

Filmed in 2019, 80 minutes.

Chris, Judy and Fred

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(The two photos above are screenshots from the DVD)

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