"Thank you for these photos. Since recently taking a camera into my hands, I have become intimately respectful of light. I am so glad that Mr. Bullock gave light and essence its due in this work." ~ Nancy Pivarunus

"Fantastic works with color light abstraction! Stark Tree was our favorite."
~ David, Carissa, and Ayden Lomeli

"I love your pictures and Artwork! I would like to take pictures when I grow up."
~ Meredith Harris who also drew a person's smiling face

"Uses of light I'd never even considered. These are magnificent works of art."
~ Kayleen Cordell

"And so shall the light shine, refract, and impart its wisdom on the seerů."
~ A. Kendal

"Thank you for presenting these beautiful B&W images and the interesting color work I have never seen." ~ Marilyn Roofner

"Wonderful. Creative. A joy to see."
~ Patrick and Beth Slatery

"OK make really big projections and bring in dancers (can see it). Nude of course."
~ David

"Moving B&W photos. Enjoyed it. Thank you."
~ Leslie and John Carr

"Wonder & amazement. Lovely colors, interesting about lighting."
~ Maria Capriglione

"Absolutely gorgeous. Abstract photography at its finest."
~ Kimberly Kendall

"I normally do not care for abstract, but these images are beautiful."
~ Susan Carr

"We're honored to have this important exhibition here! A giant in the world of photography."
~ Leonard Hellerman



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