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Barbara talking with visitors Trisha Hoving and Anthony Cappello


High Museum of Art
Atlanta, Georgia,
June 14, 2014–January 18, 2015


In the absence of a guestbook at the High Museum, visitors sent us messages of their experiences of the Wynn Bullock: Revelations exhibition.

We are delighted to share a selection of them here.


Wynn Bullock has been one of my favorite photographers for as long as I can remember. My wife and I vacationed in Atlanta this year specifically for the ASO's performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and to see the High Museum's Wynn Bullock exhibit. The ... Oct. 2 performance of Beethoven's Ninth was canceled, but the Wynn Bullock exhibit did not disappoint! In fact, being able to see so much of Bullock's work all in one place really did make everything better. I hope this exhibit travels. I would love to see it again. And if you can't make it to Atlanta, buy the book, Wynn Bullock: Revelations. The title is apropos!
  ~ John Henley, Jr., Northwest Arkansas
What a pleasant surprise it was meeting you at The High Thursday [June 19, 2014]! I thoroughly enjoyed your father's exhibition, and then to run into you at the calendar stand was the perfect topper to the experience. Brenda, Martin, and I were so pleased to get to speak with you. I particularly love that you are so enthusiastic about your father's work, and that he apparently allowed his children to be a big part of it. I love the image of you trotting into the studio and him covering you in a black cloth so you could enjoy the process.
  ~ Cathy Smith, Atlanta, Georgia
I was in Atlanta for about 22 hours…. My first stop was to meet Chip Simone at the Wynn Bullock show and I am still gasping for breath. Utterly spectacular; I only wish I'd had more time to savor. I remember a number of his photographs from when I was a kid getting Modern and Popular Photography magazines, but, probably because he is an undersung hero, I never understood the magnitude and quality of his work-and simply spectacular printing. You [Brett Abbott] have made him my current hero…along with the more obvious masters, Aaron Siskind, Harry Callahan, Minor White and Ray Metzker. And I knew nothing of the color explorations. I hope there is a plan for the show to travel; the world beyond Atlanta deserves to see it.
  ~ Alan Chimacoff, Princeton, New Jersey
Brett - I absolutely loved the Wynn Bullock exhibit. Those photos!!!! The accompanying text! What a coup d'etat! When I met with you over a year ago you spoke about working on this exhibit, and I had no idea how beautiful the whole experience would be. Wynn's exquisite images; your intuitive, deeply felt descriptions; and brilliantly chosen quotations - all of it touched me on a real heart level. Thank you so very much for sharing your shining light and bringing Wynn's work to all of us!"
  ~ Elyse Defoor, Atlanta, Georgia
One of the high points of our Anniversary Day! Largest showing of Wynn's work ever. The most beautiful photographs, tonal mastery in B&W, and stunning color. Fine black & white photo printing is a very refined art and Wynn was a master at achieving the widest range of tones possible with silver materials. His rich prints are pure joy for every darkroom inhabitant. They must be seen in person to fully appreciate his mastery."
  ~ Peter and MaryKay Thomas, visiting the show on their 49th wedding anniversary, Rockford, Illinois
We just wanted to drop you guys a line and say how lovely it was to meet you yesterday [in the galleries]. Both Anthony and I enjoyed viewing your father's work and look forward to seeing it in New York soon [something we would very much like to see happen]!!!
  ~ Trisha Hoving and Anthony Cappello, New York, New York
I can't tell you how special it was meeting you at your father's exhibit. Joy and I have told the story over and over.
  ~ CJ and Joy Andretta, Georgia
I wanted to relay my thanks, and that of the docents, for coming in to speak to us last week about your father's work. Your insights and personal anecdotes made the photographs come alive for us, and we are so grateful for your time and generosity. The Sourcebook you created is also an extraordinary resource. Thank you for compiling this for us. So far, we have received numerous requests for docent-led tours of the exhibition, and I know that we will continue to in the upcoming months. I know what an exciting time this has been for you and your family, and we are absolutely thrilled that you are a part of this.
  ~ Margaret Wilkerson, Coordinator of Education Volunteers, Atlanta, Georgia
It was great to meet you and Lynne at the High Museum yesterday. I was enthralled with the stories you had to tell of your father's work. It's a real privilege to hear this kind of information about an artist from someone so close to him, but especially considering that I'm a photographer - my mind was blown! I was so inspired and I am already a fan of his work. I look forward to learning more about him and his ideas.
  ~ Samantha Shal, Atlanta, Georgia
The High Museum was indeed a "high"-viewing the excellent display of Wynn's awesome talent. I do hope you are receiving feedback from the Art World with enthusiasm for Wynn's body of work. He deserves to be discovered anew.
  ~ Lois Wilson, Hilton Head, South Carolina

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