Book Jacket

Statements from the front flap of the book cover:

In every photograph of this country which Wynn Bullock has taken, there is present a note of gratitude for the privilege of being alive and seeing the world, not as a machine, not as a drudge, not as a professional, but as a dreamer divinely possessed. ~ Henry Miller

When I look at a Wynn Bullock photograph I am moved aesthetically and spiritually. I do not need interpretations, nor do I wish to compose any for others. The photographs stand clear in their own beauty. They belong to us and they are a precious heritage for the future. ~ Ansel Adams from Wynn Bullock Portfolio

[Bullock's images] are inexhaustible, they just go on and on, each viewing (and I have looked into some of them for upwards of an hour at a stretch, completely immersed, and that's rare) leads me further and further into themů. There's such an abundance of treasures I want to weep for joy. ~ A.D. Coleman, Village Voice

This is the most important book on Bullock in print.
  ~ Paul Martineau, Associate Curator, Department of Photographs, J. Paul Getty Museum


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